Setting up the JMH Gradle plugin and writing your first Java microbenchmark

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Digging deeper into the algorithms required to establish key ownership and efficiently retrieve values in a concurrent application!

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How to set up a brand new Java project using Gradle

Photo: Building
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  • A version control system…

A series about writing a Java library for layering properties from multiple sources and allowing clients to efficiently receive updates.

Photo: Clock mechanism
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Setting up a simple responsive website with Gatsby, Tailwind, and Remark.

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  • Performance: server-side rendered HTML that can be…

I moved my site from Gatsby Cloud to Vercel. Read the instructions and how to configure a NodeJS version for the build step.

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Choosing the right component design and data structures for reading and selecting a property’s effective value, thread-safe.

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A problem of ownership

Syndicate your content to other sites to increase your audience and engage more people.

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Set up social sharing cards for your site to have your pages nicely displayed when shared on social media.

Photo: Social media apps
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I figured out why the social cards on my site stopped working and then I fixed the problem.

Photo: Debugging
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Mihai Bojin

Hands-on Engineering Manager with a passion for building and mentoring teams and expertise designing and developing highly-resilient backend systems.

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