Designing a library for reading layered application settings in Java

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The first version

  • if a prop is required or optional
  • if it has a default value
  • if it represents a secret (in which case extra care needs to be taken)
  • a description of what the property is used for, aiding with documentation

The architectural problem

How would a better implementation look like?

Glossary of terms

  • source: where a key=value pair originates from
  • prop: an object that can return a type cast value for its registered key
  • registry: an object that keeps track of all sources and props
  • layers: a mechanism that helps to establish the priority in which sources own a particular key
  • effective value: the final value of a key, taken from the source that owns it

Design considerations

var prop1 = new StringProp("my.key");
var prop2 = new StringProp("my.key");
var prop1 = new DurationProp("my.key");
var prop2 = new LongProp("my.key");
var prop3 = new StringProp("my.key");
var prop = new DurationProp("my.key");
Duration result = prop.get();
Long seconds = result.toSeconds();
String stringValue = result.toString();
  • effectively deal with ownership transitions in quick succession
  • flag when this behavior occurs so that a human operator can investigate the correctness


  • setting up a GitHub repository
  • configuring a build system
  • configuring a CI/CD pipeline
  • writing performant, well-tested code
  • pushing releases to a public Maven repo (e.g., Maven Central)
  • formatting the code to a common standard
  • linting the code
  • benchmarking and documenting a performance baseline
  • and others



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